5 things to check before choosing best sofa for your house

Sofas set in Malaysia require a significant commitment. In a metaphorical sense, they can be costly and durable for a long time. Additionally, they are larger in size as compared to the rest of your household furniture. They take up a lot of room and frequently serve as the focal point of a designing plan. 

Also, it is understandable that choosing a sofa for your home might be challenging with so many options available. You can select and buy sofa online in Malaysia that perfectly fits your living room and has been designed as per the trends and comfort fabric that you will enjoy sitting next to your family. 

Therefore, choosing the ideal sofa for your living is an important choice for you to make.  

Here are some guidelines for you to select the best sofa for your house: 

Vibrant tones – 

When purchasing a sofa, it can be tempting to choose a neutral color so that the furniture fit perfectly along with the rest of pieces of furniture in the room. Having said that, if you enjoy vibrant color, don’t be hesitant to use them. A sofa that has bold design elements will certainly stand out in your living room.  

Dimension – 

The dimension of your sofa set in Malaysia is an important aspect that you need to know before buying any sofa or couch for your house. As the dimensions of your sofa should fit into your living space without being too congested. There variety of sizes and patterns available in the market such as 3 seater sofa, L shape and small couch style that you can buy sofa online in Malaysia. 

When selecting a sofa in Malaysia, choose for one whose style and color complement the pattern on your walls. 

Style – 

It’s essential to make sure your new couch will complement the overall style and vibe of your living room. Every house has its own sense of interior designing. When your sofa matches your home décor it will surely express your taste for a vivid living feeling.  

If your living space has an ethnic style, you should choose a sofa that complements it. Modern sofas will blend well with your surroundings and give your home a streamlined appearance. 


More than style the choice of material for a sofa is more vital, as it will determine the durability of your sofa for coming years. Since they are expensive you need to spend some time choosing the ideal material for your sofa, whether it is customized or not, to prevent regrets in the future. 

You won’t have to pay extra for maintenance and you will be delighted with your decision for years to come. The perfect material would be upholstery that prioritizes comfort, quality and style. 

Fabrics made of synthetic microfibers would be more easier to clean as they are stain resistant. Other fabrics for sofa set in Malaysia would be leather, velvet, linen and cotton. Cotton and linen are more budget friendly options if you are not looking for anything too expensive. 

Comfort – 

Comfort is probably the only thing that pops up in your mind when you are thinking about weekends and lounging in your favorite sofa in Malaysia. Remember your perfect sofa can be comfortable too. The material, arm length, height of the back, and depth of the seat all comes to together to give the most comfortable feel.  


How luxurious you want your sofa to be, is totally up to you. You can determine what level of comfort do you prefer to have in your sofa such as 3 seater sofa or L shape sofa. Consider your previous sofas at your home and then buy the ones your confident with the most. 

If you are still in dilemma on whether these sofas are worth buying. Check out Fella design to find your next perfect couch to add a touch of style factor to your living space. 

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