7 Best Small Dog Breeds For First Time Owners

Best Small Dog Breeds For First Time Owners

Today we are going to talk about some of the best small dog breeds for first-time owners coming in the category of small dog breeds, as I know most of the people in big developed cities live in apartments and flats or whose houses are not so big. That they can keep a big-sized dog!

Bringing a dog home means bringing an additional member home and this also affects your lifestyle, keeping all these things in mind, some small dog breeds have been included in their list and a small breed is. I have also tried to throw light on the advantages and disadvantages of buying a small dog breed.

First of all, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of having small dog breeds for first-time owners.

List Of Small Dog Breeds For First Time Owners

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel | Best Small Dog Breeds For First Time Owners

The Charles Spaniel is a happy-tempered breed, it is very playful and inquisitive, it mixes very quickly with other dogs and other pets, it is very adaptable to any environment no matter how you are in family, place or city, it will be adapted to their very quickly when it comes to their exercise, they need a lot of exercise, they make friends with strangers very quickly, this thing you sometimes can disappoint at times.


Chihuahua | Best Small Dog Breeds For First Time Owners

The behavior of the Chihuahua breed depends on your training as it tends to be a bit angry and timid, it is mostly scared at the sight of strangers! When provoked, they attack someone very quickly, so it is very important to do good Chihuahua training.

You can train them at home. For training at home, you can also take the help of a dog training book available on the internet and Amazon or you can also get training done by a professional trainer.

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Beagle | Best Small Dog Breeds For First Time Owners

Beagle is a highly intelligent, obedient, friendly breed and very playful, that is why it also comes under the category of cute dog breeds in India.

Beagles have a very strong sense of smell, they can easily detect and reach any smell!  If you have small children in your house or if you are thinking of getting a good dog for your children, then Beagle can be a good option for you.


Pomeranian | Best Small Dog Breeds For First Time Owners

The Pomeranian probably looks somewhat like the Indian spitz dog. The Pomeranian is a very popular breed in India and it is also counted among the smallest dog breeds in the world.

Their nature is a bit aggressive and they are very defensive towards their owner and their territory. The Pomeranian is a very intelligent breed, you can easily teach them anything, they have good learning ability.

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier | Best Small Dog Breeds For First Time Owners

The Boston terrier is an impressively small but strong breed in our list of best small dog breeds for first time owners, it is easy to train, they have a calm nature and are less expensive than other breeds, they do not bark unnecessarily like other dogs.

If you live in an apartment, Boston Terriers are a great choice for you.

DachshundDachshund | Best Small Dog Breeds For First Time Owners

The dachshund is a loyal dog breed, it is a family dog ​​breed that does not like to be alone at all, their training and socialization are very important, otherwise, they can be aggressive and destructive.

It does not like to be around strangers at all, when this happens, it barks a lot and can even bite if the situation is severe.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu | Best Small Dog Breeds For First Time Owners

The Shih Tzu is an ideal breed for apartment living. It is a loyal and affectionate breed with short-sized long hair. Shih Tzu’s friendly nature and cuteness make it a good companion for children.

If we call it cute small dog breeds in India then it will not be wrong Shih Tzu’s hair is long and thick, it needs daily brushing and weekly baths so that its hair remains clean and tangle-free.


Low Food And Care Expenses

It is clear that in comparison to large breed dogs, you will be able to feed them less and the physical expenditure on them is also not high like shampoo, conditioner, brushing, etc.

Does Not Require Much Time For Care

If you keep a small breed dog, then you can take good care of them even in less time because they are small in size, you can do all these things very easily by bathing them, brushing, cleaning the ears, brushing the hair!

Easy To Carry

It is very easy and convenient to carry small breed dogs from one place to another! You can easily take them with you and travel by bus or train, they are also accepted in some airlines, possibly the weight is less than 6 kg.


Excessive Barking

When I researched the behavior of small dogs on Wikipedia, I concluded that barking dogs is normal, but dogs of small breeds bark a lot when they get angry and see strangers around them.

And in the event of being alone at home, they also start barking, so make sure that you do not leave them alone at home for a long time!

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Compared to other large breeds, training a small dog breed is a bit difficult task. Because they get tired quickly due to their size, excessive training can cause fatigue for them. But if you train them little by little every day, they can become very gentle and obedient.

Lack of Tolerance

It is not that they are weak, small dogs like to play with children, run and walk with their owners, but in comparison to large breed dogs, they get tired quickly and do not do physical activities for a long time.

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