6 Dog Bite Treatment At Home

Dog Bite Treatment At Home

Dear readers, today we are going to talk about dog bite treatment at home, that is, how a dog bite should be treated at home and medically, and if a dog is bitten by a dog, what are the precautions to be taken.

The results can be different depending on the bite of a mad or outside dog and the bite of a pet dog, if we talk about a pet dog, then if it is taken care of in proper care where its food, body cleanliness is done properly.

And if all the vaccines are applied according to the rules, then the dangers caused by the bite of a pet dog are very less, but if an outside stray or mad dog bites a person then many life-threatening and fatal diseases can occur.

And if some necessary steps are not taken at the right time or treatment is not done on dog bites, then the consequences can be very dangerous and terrible. Even in some cases, there can be a problem like insanity.

What To Do If A Dog Bites?

According to the guideline of the Cleveland clinic, if any pet stray or mad dog bites anyone, then the first thing you have to do is to do something like running water means fast falling on the bitten place. With the help of water such as a tap or pipe, wash that place with antiseptic soap for 15-20 minutes.

You must be wondering why to wash the bitten area with water. So the fact behind this is that if the dog bitten area is washed in running water or rapidly falling water, the virus released from the dog’s saliva, which is attached to the wound, gets carried away by the flow of water. The danger is reduced.

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Why Are Dog Bites Dangerous?

The bite of a mad dog or any other external stray dog ​​is very dangerous. If we talk about the disease caused by the bite of a mad dog, then the name of rabies comes first. Rabies is a fatal and incurable disease caused by dog ​​bite, its prevention, and timely vaccination is the only cure.

If a person gets the rabies virus after a dog bite and if it is not treated in time, then the rabies virus slowly reaches the brain of that person at 3 mm per hour and infects it. After which the symptoms of madness start in that person and after that he dies, to prevent rabies, it is mandatory to get an anti-rabies vaccine within 72 hours of a dog bite.

6 Dog Bite Treatment At Home

Home remedies are used as first aid on dog bites, if a person is bitten by a dog, the poison can be eliminated through home remedies by cleaning the wound.

Getting medical treatment along with dog bites home remedies is also very important and mandatory because dog bites are most at risk of rabies virus and if not treated on time, they can even die.

Red Chili

Red chili is used as a spice in every household. But it is also used on dog bites and applying it to the area bitten by the dog, its use reduces the effect of poison, although you will have to face extreme irritation due to its use.

Black Pepper Cumin

Make a paste after soaking fifteen black pepper and one teaspoon of cumin seeds in water and apply it to the bitten area, its use also reduces the effect of poison.

Honey Nut Onion

Grind walnut kernel and onion in equal quantity and mix it with salt and honey and apply it on the place bitten by the dog, it helps in reducing the effect of poison.


Asafoetida is also used as a dog bite treatment at home. Grind it finely and use it to make a paste on the bitten area, it helps reduce the effect of poison.


Kale vegetable is commonly used for food, but do you know that it is used to eliminate the venom of a dog’s bite. Grind the root of Kale in 50-100 grams of water and give it a drink.

Mango Seed

According to Ayurveda, mango seed has many benefits and it is also beneficial in dog bites. Rub mango seed in water and apply it on the bitten area, it will give relief to the bitten person.

Take These Precautions After A Dog Bite

After a dog bite, it is necessary to be treated properly under the medical guideline of the bitten person. Along with the treatment, it is also very important that you follow some precautions because your slightest carelessness can worsen the matter, the result of which is sad.

  1. The place where the dog has bitten, first of all, wash that place with water as we have told earlier. And after that clean it with antiseptic, one important thing is that according to the reader’s veterinarians, the wound is small or big, it is not to be tied. After cleaning the wound, it is to be left open.
  2. If the wound on the dog bite is deep, then consult the doctor and get the necessary treatment done because if the wound is deeper then there can be a risk of damage and risk to the bones and nerves.
  3. Rabies virus is most at risk when bitten by a dog. There is no cure for the rabies virus, the only way to prevent it is to take immediate medical treatment for dog bites and get all rabies vaccines in any government or non-government hospital as per rules.

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Dog Bite Treatment Protocol

If a dog bites you or any person, then if the vaccine speaks in a common language, then it is very important and mandatory to get the injection, which protects you from the deadly diseases caused by dog ​​bites.

The medical treatment after a dog bite is according to a rule which we call dog bite treatment protocol, this treatment is done free of cost in every government hospital, let’s know how it happens.

How many days after a dog bite, an anti-rabies injection should be taken?

When bitten by a mad dog, a total of six injections are given to the bitten person, in which one rabies antiserum and five injections of anti-rabies are given something like this.

The first two injections of Antirabies Serum and Anti Rabies are given on day 0, which means the day the dog is bitten, and the remaining four injections are given on days 3, 7, 14, and 28. To prevent rabies, the dog  Byte protocol must be followed.

Homeopathic Medicine For Dog Bite

There are very effective treatments for dog bites in the homeopathic system as well. Hydrophobinum Dilution 200 CH Liquid is given to the person bitten by a dog ​​bite, it is to be used in this way.

One drop is to be put on the tongue at an interval of ten minutes, thrice a day, for a week. After use, do not keep it in the refrigerator and keep it away from sunlight.

FAQ Related To Dog Bite Treatment At Home

How many days after a pet dog bite should I take an anti-rabies injection?

It should be taken within 1 day after the bite of a pet dog or any other stray dog ​​and if you are delayed due to any reason then within two days it is very necessary and mandatory to have anti-rabies injections.

How many days after a dog bite does rabies spread?

It takes three weeks to three months for the symptoms of Rabies virus to develop after a dog bite.

After how many hours of injection should be given after a dog bite?

Rabies injection should be given within 72 hours of dog bite.

How many vaccines are given after a dog bite?

At present only five vaccines are given for dog bites.

Do all dogs have rabies?

All dogs carry rabies but if you have a pet dog and you have got him vaccinated according to all the vaccines and under medical supervision then he will not have rabies virus.

When should I give a rabies injection?

Rabies injection should be given within 72 hours after the bite of a dog or any other animal.

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