Dog Fever Treatment At Home, Causes, And Symptoms 

Dog Fever Treatment At Home | Causes Of Fever In Dogs | Symptoms Of Fever In Dogs | Tick Fever in Dogs Symptoms | Tick Fever in Dogs

Are you in search of dog fever treatment at home? Then you are at the right place. Fever is one of the common problems in dogs, which can affect them many times in their lifetime. During fever, the dog’s body temperature becomes higher than normal. By the way, common fever in dogs can be treated with general medicine.

But there can be various causes of fever in dogs or any disease, which is very important to confirm and proper consultation and treatment. Fever can also occur as a symptom of a dog illness such as diarrhea, parvovirus, and diarrhea.

Apart from this, there can be many other reasons for this and in some cases, the situation can be very serious, for which it is necessary to contact the vet immediately for prevention.

Dog Fever Treatment At Home

What should be done if the dog’s body temperature is over 103 Fahrenheit and the dog has a fever? In an emergency, if you are not able to take the dog to the vet immediately, then you can control the dog’s temperature with the help of some home remedies.

To control the temperature, soak a cloth in cold water and place it on the dog’s ears, paws, stomach, and neck. Apart from this, keep the dog near the fan for maximum time so that the body temperature can be normalized. Stop this process when the temperature is normal.  

To protect the body from dehydration, keep giving the dog the required amount of water at short intervals, and along with it keep giving food items with high water content.

If the temperature is not controlled even after doing dog fever treatment at home, take your dog to the vet immediately without any delay.

Dog Fever Treatment Medicine 

If your dog has a fever, then it is a very worrying thing. In such a situation, there is a dilemma in the mind of most people: what should be given to the dog in fever, if your dog is suffering from fever, then it is your responsibility as a good dog owner. First of all, you should take your dog to the vet and get the necessary treatment done.

But if for some reason you are getting late in taking your dog to the vet, you can take the help of the above-suggested home remedies.

Apart from this, you can also give some dog fever medicine in case of a normal fever. The name of medicine for dog fever is as follows: Tab Analgin, Tab melonex. You can give this medicine to your dog in case of a normal fever.

Be sure to note: Before using any of the recommended medications on your dog, be sure to consult a veterinarian and never use fever medicines intended for humans without a doctor’s advice. It can prove to be extremely dangerous and lethal.

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What is Tick Fever In Dogs? 

Tick ​​fever in dogs or also called spot fever is spread in dogs due to the bite of ticks caused by Rickettsia conorii bacteria, although ticks usually originate in dogs themselves, sometimes it can be transmitted to your dog from other animals as well.  

It gets involved in the blood and damages the blood cells, due to which the body’s immune system starts to weaken and dogs get tick fever. Tick ​​fever affects dogs more in the spring and summer seasons. Apart from this, dog breeds with long hair are more prone to tick fever.

Tick Fever in Dogs Symptoms

To find out whether the dog has a fever or not, we usually first check the dog’s body temperature but if your dog is affected by tick fever then how to detect its symptoms of tick fever to detect tick fever must be identified which is as follows;

  • weight loss
  • decrease in food intake
  • nose bleeding
  • blue eyes
  • lethargy
  • purple color marks on body
  • joint pain
  • having trouble walking

Causes Of Fever In Dogs

Although dogs can have fever in normal conditions too, in many cases, the causes of fever in dogs having a fever can be different, so there are some common reasons due to which a dog can have fever, so let’s know.


Infection is a very common cause of fever in dogs. Infections can be viral or bacterial, or in addition to urinary infections, dogs can also have fever.


Talking about the serious diseases caused to dogs, due to parvovirus, diarrhea, or even normal vomiting and diarrhea, the dog can get a fever.


Even after vaccination, many dogs may develop a fever that occurs within two days of vaccination. Dog fever after vaccination is the result of a post-vaccination reaction that is commonly seen in most dogs.

Unnecessary Things

Many times dogs eat some unnecessary outside things or we feed them by mistake, due to which the dog can also get a fever.

Symptoms Of Fever In Dogs

The most common and easiest way to find out whether a dog has a fever is to measure its body temperature with the help of a thermometer, but if you do not have a thermometer, then you can detect fever in dogs by identifying some symptoms. These symptoms are seen in dogs during fever.

  • Hot body
  • Warm nose, dryness in the nose
  • Nasal discharge
  • Lethargy
  • Not eating food
  • Stay in one place
  • Loss of eyes
  • Cough

Dog Temperature

Just as our body temperature increases during fever, in the same way the body temperature of a dog also becomes more than normal, then what is the body temperature of a normal dog?  Under normal conditions, the dog’s body temperature ranges from 100 Fahrenheit to 103 Fahrenheit. If the temperature is higher or lower than this, then it is a matter of concern.

How To Check Dog Body Temperature? 

To confirm if your dog is showing signs or symptoms of fever, you will need to have your dog’s body temperature tested for which you must have a thermometer and you need to have a proper and accurate way to take the dog’s body temperature. The proper method should also be known, so how to take the dog’s body temperature in the right way?

To check the temperature of the dog properly, take a thermometer and apply Vaseline in the next part of it, after that, the next part of the thermometer where you have applied Vaseline, is about half to an inch in the dog’s feces.  Put it in and take it out after a minute.

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