Dog Flatulence Remedy, Causes, Symptoms | How To Prevent Bloat In Dogs

Dog Flatulence Remedy | How To Prevent Bloat In Dogs

Dog Flatulence Remedy: Flatulence is common in dogs. This problem is more common in dogs with age. Sometimes this problem also takes a dangerous form, which can also lead to death. 

This problem occurs due to the accumulation of excess air in the stomach of dogs. Sometimes the air pressure becomes so high that it starts damaging the abdominal tissues as well. When the stomach is filled with a lot of air, the diaphragm also starts contracting, which creates problems in breathing. 

In many cases, it is seen that in the event of accumulation of excess air in the stomach, the bleeding also starts getting affected. Blood clotting starts, due to which the required amount of blood does not reach the heart, which causes major problems.

If the circulation of blood is affected for a long time then the body can go into shock. It can also lead to death if medical care is not available in time. Statistics show that even 30 percent of affected animals who do get treatment may lose their lives. Let’s read further to know about the Dog Flatulence Remedy, causes, symptoms, and how to prevent bloat in dogs:

Flatulence In Dogs Causes

There is also no clarity about whether abdominal cramps point towards this problem, but it cannot be completely ignored.

  • Dog species such as Great Danes and St. Bernards are more prone to flatulence.
  • Overall, dog species with deep chest and high height are more prone to this disease. This does not mean that small-breed species are completely safe from it. In many cases, species like Chihuahua are also found to suffer from this problem.
  • Males are more prone to the disease than females, with older people at the highest risk.
  • Based on the cases so far, it can be said (however, this is not conclusive) that dogs who eat only once a day with a high amount of solids in their food are most affected. Along with this, the risk of this is also higher in dogs who eat quickly and play immediately after the meal.
  • The problem of GDV has also been observed to be genetic. This means that dogs whose parents have ever had a problem with GDV, and their children are also prone to it.

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Symptoms Of Bloating Problem In Dogs

This serious disease in dogs can be identified by looking at certain symptoms. In this disease, the animal is in a state of great pain. It can be easily identified by the physiological reactions of the animal. Let us know what are the symptoms that indicate this serious disease in dogs.

  • In this disease, it is seen that something is stuck in the dog’s throat, which he tries to remove again and again.  However, he will not be able to vomit.
  • The stomach is relatively enlarged. If the stomach is touched, there will be a feeling of hardness.
  • Shortness of breath, gasping.
  • Restlessness
  • Heavy drooling of saliva from the mouth.

If the above symptoms are not recognized and treatment is not received on time, the risk of death increases. If you notice that a dog’s stomach has suddenly become upset and he appears upset, take him to the vet immediately. Prompt treatment is important in GDV and delaying it can prove dangerous.

Dog Flatulence Remedy

If the dog is showing signs of flatulence, the first thing to do is to take him to the vet. After investigation, it will be clear that what is the main reason for the problem? The disease is easier to control if treatment is started early.

First, the doctor examines the animal’s blood. Also, by doing tests like X-rays, it tries to know what is the main cause of the disease? It is also necessary for the doctor to know whether this disease is genetic or not.

The problem of bloat is clearly visible on X-rays. Due to the problem of bloat, the surrounding organs are also seen to be affected. The first goal of treatment is to reduce the pressure on the abdomen.

For this, by putting a device in the throat, try to pump it inside the stomach. In the event of a twist in the abdomen, it is difficult for the device to go inside the abdomen. In such a situation, the doctor tries to reduce the pressure inside by inserting a hollow tube into the stomach.

If the cause of the problem is a volvulus (a problem caused by torsion of the stomach or intestine) then it requires emergency surgery. In this, a procedure called gastropexy is used, which prevents stomach cramps from happening. This process is not easy, in this also there is a risk of damage to the tissues inside the stomach.

If treatment is delayed, the dog can go into shock.  It is also necessary to treat the shock. In such a situation, efforts are made to maintain the amount of fluid in the body. Keeping the dog stable during treatment is a major challenge.

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Dog Flatulence Remedy Diagnosis

Generally, it is seen that about 30 percent of dogs die during the treatment of the disease. Those who survive surgery take several weeks to recover from gastropexy. After surgery, doctors prescribe painkillers and antibiotics. It is advisable to give maximum rest to the dog. It is advisable to give such foods which do not create gas in the stomach and prevent pressure from occurring.

How To Prevent Bloat In Dogs

  • Give small meals from time to time in place of heavy meals together.
  • Make sure your dog is drinking enough water.
  • Give food in a clean place. Make sure that there are no other dogs around while the dog is eating.
  • Give only home-cooked and liquid food.
  • Avoid getting large breed dogs to do physical activity just before and after a meal.
  • See a doctor for treatment as soon as you notice symptoms of bloat

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