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If you’re visiting Lyon and looking for escorts, you can find a variety of local and international women. These ladies are stunning and have all the skills you need to have a fantastic time.
However, prostitution is still illegal in France. This means you’ll be fined if you break the law.


Sex work in France takes many forms, from street prostitution and escort agency Lyon to bars and apartment prostitutes. Most sex workers are independent, but some are under the control of pimps.
As a result, the police are increasingly aggressive against them. Some sex workers have found themselves on the end of parking tickets and tow trucks.
This is because they are deemed to be illegally selling sex. In fact, there is a law that criminalizes buying sex with clients being liable to fines of up to EUR1,500 (EUR3,750 for repeat offenders).
As a result of the law, most sex workers in Lyon have had to leave their jobs and find alternative income sources. They have also been forced to pay higher taxes and more social charges because of this. Some have even had to take a break from their work to look after their children. This has led to a drop in profits and reduced their number of clients.

Payment options

Escort services are a great way to spice up your trip to Lyon France. They can be booked online and you can choose from a variety of packages that include everything from dinner date companions to erotic massage options.
Street prostitutes are still a part of the Lyon scene but their presence has declined dramatically since new laws were introduced in 2016. If you are caught purchasing sexual services, you will face a fine of up to EUR1500 (EUR3,750 for repeat offenders).
In the past, it was not illegal to buy sex from a prostitute, but it is now. This is because prostitution was a capital crime that often resulted in death penalties during the Ancien Regime.
The main red-light districts in Lyon are Quai de Perrache, Fickwagen, and Quai Jules Courmont. There is also a small area in the industrial zone called Gerland where sex workers use vans to sell sex.

Age requirements

When you are looking for an escort girls Lyon , France, you have to make sure that the girl you choose is suitable. In some cases, you may have to meet the girl in person before hiring her for sex.
In other cases, the escort agency will provide you with an option to choose a specific type of girl that suits your requirements. For example, if you are interested in meeting a brunette call girl, you can filter for that kind of girl and find her easily. Street prostitution is less common in Lyon than it used to be because of the big fines customers can get if caught. However, you can still find some sex workers on the streets at night.

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