What Are Female Dog Period Cycle? And How To Do Female Dog Period Care? 

Female dog period cycle | Female dog period care

Here you will find the answer of female dog period cycle and female dog period care? When does dog period time come? Or when does a dog come on heat? Yes, you heard it right, just like female humans, female dogs get periods if you are a dog owner for the first time or you already have a dog breed and you do not have any information about the period of the dog.

So with the help of this article, we will tell you what are the female dog period cycle and when do dogs enter this stage, and for how long it lasts. And how to do female dog period care.

What Are Female Dog Periods?

When the female dog enters puberty, the level of estrogen in her body increases, then the ovaries release the eggs, due to which there is leakage of blood from the vulva, which is a kind of sign that she is mating with the male dog and is ready for breeding.

This state of female dogs is also called in common language, coming in periods, coming in hit, menstruation, or hot cycle of dogs. And during this time female dogs also conceive.

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When Does A Female Dog Get Her Period Cycle?

A female dog’s first period comes when she is about six to ten months old, but the time period of the first period can be different in each dog breed.

Just as some small dog breeds take six to eight months to get their first period, in its place, some large dog breeds also get their first periods at the age of twelve to twenty months.

If it takes a long time for a dog to come to the first heat, then it is due to a lack of vitamins and nutrients, then always give nutritious and balanced food to your dog.

Understand The Female Dog Period Cycle

A female dog comes into heat every six months. But as we mentioned earlier, the duration of periods can vary depending on the breed. According to the AKC (America Canal Club), many small breed female dogs come into heat 3-4 times per year, while other large breed dog breeds come in periods of 18-24 months.

In female dogs, this cycle of the menstrual period is of 10 to 20 days, during this stage she is completely ready to mate with the male dog and conceive.

How To Know If Dogs Are On Heat? 

When the female dog enters menstruation, there are some physiological and behavioral changes in it. If you notice these changes, then you can know that the dog is about to hit.

Symptoms Of Female Dog Heat

  1. During periods, the vulva of the female dog becomes swollen on both sides and there is a leakage of blood from it, the leakage of blood can be more or less. By this, you will know that the dog’s menstruation has started.
  2. During the period, the female dog releases ferlomons through urine (urine) to attract male dogs, during which she leaks urine drop by drop from her vulva at regular intervals.
  3. During the period, the dog’s entire attention remains on her vulva and after every few moments, she keeps cleaning her vulva (vagina) with her tongue.
  4. Dogs take less food than usual during their menstrual cycle and lie in a sluggish state in one place. And do not do sports and running at all.

What is Silent Heat? How to Avoid This?

You have learned about dogs’ periods but it is also necessary to know about silent heat. What is Silent Heat?

When a female dog enters her heat cycle, she undergoes some physical or behavioral changes, which are mentioned above. But if all these changes are not seen in a dog, then we call it silent heat.

For What Reasons Does This Happen?

Silent heat to the dog is mainly due to the lack of nutrients, vitamins, calcium, iron, or if the dog is infected with any kind of bacteria and virus, it can get silent heat in such a situation.

How To Save Dog From Silent Heat?

To save your dog from silent heat, always give him a sufficient amount of nutrient-rich food in which all minerals and vitamins are present in a balanced quantity.

And to avoid infection, one must especially clean the dog’s body and its sleeping and living place and get the dog examined regularly by the doctor.

How To Do Female Dog Period Care?

When a female dog is in her heat stage, she mainly needs more care.

Being a good dog owner, you need to know how to do female dog period care.

  1. During the heat cycle, it is very receptive to mate with other male dogs, in which case to protect them from outside dogs, you should tie it at home or keep it in a safe place.
  2. Female dogs sometimes leak blood from the vagina during periods, due to which they can make your house dirty and smelly. To avoid this, you can keep them tied in one place and apart from this, you can also use dog period diapers or pants.
  3. If you take your dog out for a walk during the period of menstruation, then always take it tied and do not leave it alone outside at all.
  4. During the period stage, the dog needs more minerals and nutrients, so give your dog balanced and nutritious food. And keep in mind that hot food should not be given to dogs. Hot-tasting food can cause excessive bleeding of blood.
  5. Dog’s behavior may change during the heat cycle. They can be a bit irritable or angry, so they need more love and affection from you.
  6. If your dog has any health-related problems during the period, then be sure to check with your veterinary doctor immediately.

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What To Do If The Dog Does Not Come On Heat?

Many times, most of the female dogs have this problem that they do not come on heat, which means they do not get periods, and even if periods do come, they do not know, due to which they have problems in meeting and conceiving with the male dog.

We are going to tell you about some ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines, the use of which will help you a lot in bringing your female dog on heat.

Homeopathy Medicine To Bring Dog On Heat

The use of homeopathic medicines is considered good and safe because it does not have any side effects, you can use either pulsatilla 200 or sepia 200 or both of these together to bring the dog on heat.


Give 10 drops to your dog twice a day for 10-15 days.

Ayurvedic Medicine To Bring Dog To Heat

Ayurvedic medicines are also a very good option, you can use them without consulting a doctor.

  1. Dashmularishta is a very effective medicine, which is very reliable for bringing weak female dogs in heat, give it 5 ml dog in the morning and evening.
  2. M2 tone syrup This is a very proven ayurvedic medicine recommended by veterinarians, give this 5 ml twice a day to your dog.
  3. Shatavari is a well-known medicine, it is also used to bring heat to the dog, asparagus powder and pill are available in the market in both types, if you take the powder, then feed it to the dog twice a day, and if the pill  If you take it, then feed one tablet every day in the morning and evening.

FAQ Female Dog Period Cycle

When does the bitch come on the hit?

A female dog comes on heat for the first time at the age of six to ten months.

Do female dogs have periods?

Like humans, female dogs also get periods and during this time they mate with male dogs and conceive.

How many days do dogs have periods?

Periods last for ten to twenty days in female dogs. And a female dog gets periods twice a year.

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