How to Access OLM Email in Thunderbird on macOS Monterey?

Are you moving to Mozilla Thunderbird from Outlook on Mac? Now, thinking about how to access OLM email in Thunderbird on macOS Ventura? Searching for a method to transfer OLM emails in Thunderbird? If yes, then keep reading the article because in the article we have discussed an approach with the help of which Mac users can effortlessly access OLM email in Thunderbird on Mac OS.

Outlook for Mac is a commonly used email client among IT professionals for managing daily personal information including sending/receiving of emails, contacts, calendars, etc. The work of Outlook Mac is similar to Outlook for Mac. The only difference is that Outlook for Mac make use of OLM file type to store the essential database of users. Thunderbird, on the other hand, is another widely used email application that many Mac users utilize for email management. Like OLM, it uses MBOX file type to save the list of users’ emails. However, one can say that every email app is programmed with a distinct file format which represent its identity and help in maintaining the important documents of users. The only drawback is that they will be opened only on their respective platforms. In other words, OLM is a format which is only accessible on Outlook for Mac whereas MBOX is viewable only on its supported email clients such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, Entourage, etc. Therefore, if a user is moving from Outlook for Mac to Thunderbird, then it is crucial to convert OLM to MBOX. But how? Let’s check that out.

How to Access OLM Email in Thunderbird on Mac OS Monterey?

MacMister OLM to MBOX Converter is an application with the help of which Mac users can perform the conversion of OLM files to MBOX in a bulk at once. The software GUI is simple and is easily accessible by all technical and novice users. The operational steps are quick to operate and will save the time of users by finishing the entire procedure in just few seconds.

Moreover, the features of the tool are highly advanced. They can be set as per specific preferences and then carries out the required output in minimum time. Also, one can check the whole processing of the tool by utilizing the free demo as it allows to access first 25 OLM emails in Thunderbird on Mac OS Monterey free of cost.

Working Steps to Access OLM Email in Thunderbird on Mac OS Monterey

Step 1. Download, launch and open MacMister OLM to MBOX on macOS Monterey.


Step 2. Add OLM files on the app with the help of Add File(s)/Add Folder buttons. Click Next.


Step 3. The preferred OLM files will become visible on the software with the checkboxes. Quick Note. The checkboxes are provided so that one can access selective OLM email in Thunderbird. Click Next.


Step 4. Select Thunderbird or MBOX option after clicking Select Saving Options property.

Step 5. Set their sub-options according to the requirements and click on Export button to start the conversion of OLM to MBOX.

Step 6. Now, view the live process of OLM conversion that is appearing on Live Conversion Window.


The entire procedure will finish within seconds and then display “Conversion Completed” message on the screen. Now, if you have chosen Thunderbird as a saving type, then the tool will save the same at Thunderbird default profile location. But, if MBOX was chosen then import the resultant files into Mozilla Thunderbird. However, you will see that the data after the conversion is accurate and appear with correct formatting properties.

Why MacMister OLM to MBOX Solution is a recommended option?

There are various reasons that can tell easily why MacMister OLM to MBOX is a perfect way out for Mac users. Some are discussed below-

  • Capable to transfer OLM emails to MBOX or Thunderbird directly.
  • Add File(s)/Add Folder properties will help users to load the required OLM files on the software for conversion.
  • Maintains the originality of OLM files during the process and also protects their data integrity.
  • Includes user-friendly interface which is effortlessly accessible by all types of professional and non-professional users.
  • Shows Live Conversion window through which one can track the live export status of OLM files.
  • Equipped with three step procedure that completes the task in three seconds.
  • Able to access OLM email in Thunderbird on Mac OS Monterey and other macOS versions.


The above discussed article provided a technique to access OLM email in Thunderbird directly on macOS Monterey with attachments in few seconds. The MacMister OLM Converter for Mac is a reliable and safe technique that immediately implement the procedure within seconds. And, the output will be highly impressive. However, the software comes with a free demo with the help of which Mac users can test the whole procedure. It allows to access first 25 OLM emails in Thunderbird on macOS Monterey free of cost.

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