How To Make My Dog Fat Fast?

How To Make My Dog Fat Fast

Every dog ​​owner wants their dog to be fat, healthy, tough, and strong and whose owners’ dogs are thin and weak. The only question in their mind’s how to make my dog fat or to make your dog healthy. We are going to tell you about how to make your dog fat.

Those who see a fat and healthy dog ​​have a positive effect and it is also important from a safety point of view. There are many ways to make a dog healthy, with the help of which you can know how to make your dog fat.

So let’s know about some of these remedies.

How To Make My Dog Fat?

1. High-Quality Food

For a high health, weight, and healthy body, it is very important that you give your dog a high nutritional and quality diet that will ensure their physical and mental development.

There are many different brands of dog food in the market and all tell their dog food to be better than others. In this way, you have to choose such food in which all the nutrients necessary to keep the dog healthy are available.

  • When taking any dog ​​food, it is important to confirm the fat, proteins, and vitamins present in it because if you want to increase the weight of your dog, choose a food with more fat and protein.
  • Check the ingredients like chicken, lamb meat, egg, Solomon, pork meat, pumpkin in the food you give to your dog because all these help increase the weight and health of the dog.

2. Food Quantity

Increasing the amount of food is also a great option to make your dog fat and healthy. If you give food to the dog twice a day, then instead you give him three meals a day.

And if you already give food to your dog three times a day, then increase the amount of food. Increase the amount of food as much as your dog can eat. Otherwise, they may have problems like vomiting.

Keep in mind that as you change the amount of food and the schedule. So there are changes in the time of dog’s poop, for which you have to be prepared.

Along with more food, it is necessary to rotate the dog regularly and also to exercise, otherwise, your dog may become overweight.

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3. Health Supplements

The speed of growth of a dog is many times higher than that of humans and during this time you need to maintain the health of the dog. For which you need to give them food with more nutrients and vitamins. Which are not completely available from normal food.

For the fulfillment of which you can take the help of health supplements, it provides high-quality calories, protein, fat in sufficient quantity necessary for the growing body of the dog, it helps in increasing the weight and muscle development of the dog and provides energy to the body. 

4. Food for Humans

The food of the house that we all eat is also a very good diet, to make any dog ​​healthy and fat, this food is easily available in every house. As we want to know how to make my dog fat and become healthy, for which it needs to be given some special things, let us know what they are.


Egg is a very good source of high protein and fat which is very beneficial for weight gain they must feed.


Chicken is a staple food for non-vegetarian people, in which protein, fat, cholesterol, vitamin B-6, and more calories are present in abundance. So if you want to increase the weight of your dog, definitely include it in your dog’s diet.

You should not give raw chicken to your dog, I cook it well by adding salt according to taste in water and mixing it with whatever food you give, especially keep in mind that before cooking the chicken, its skin and bones must be removed and separated.

Cottage Cheese

You all will know about Cottage cheese, which is mostly used for making sweets and dishes.  Cottage cheese can be a very good diet that will help you to make your dog healthy and gain weight.  It contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fats, give it to your dog daily by mixing it in food.

5. Meal Changes

If you have been trying to make your dog fat and healthy for a long time and have tried many types of remedies. But still, there are no positive results, then you need to make changes in your dog’s diet.

Changes in food have to be done in such a way that if you give homemade food to your dog, make some changes in it such as meat, chicken, egg, milk, cottage cheese, etc.

And if you give your dog packaged food, then you have many options. According to their size and age to increase the weight of the dog and you choose such dog food which contains components like excessive fat, chicken, one, pork meat, lamb meat.

6. Deworming

Deworming is a very important process, to keep any dog ​​healthy and healthy, friends, the main purpose of deworming is to kill the insects present in the dog’s stomach, if you do not do proper deworming of your dog, they have complaints like loose motion diarrhea. Due to this, they remain very weak and sick.

In such a situation, no matter how much good food you give to your dog, it will not be beneficial for their body. Because the worms present in the dog’s stomach create obstacles in the development of the dog’s body, as a result of which there is an effect on the health height of the dog.

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7. Nutrient Supplementation

For the complete development of a dog, it needs different types of nutrients, and to ensure the physical and mental growth and development of the dog, he must get all the nutrients in a balanced quantity. Nutrients are important in the development of the dog. 

To make the dog fat, you must give them different types of food so that the dog can get the necessary nutrients in sufficient quantity. Let us know what essential nutrients are needed to know how to make my dog fat and healthy.


As you would know, the structure of bones and teeth is made up of calcium. So if you want to make your dog fat, then choose such food in which the amount of calcium is present as per the requirement. Which makes the dog’s bones strong and provides protection.

Because only a dog with a strong bone structure will be able to bear the weight of a healthy body and if the dog’s body is heavy and the bones are weak it is a matter of concern for you and your dog which can take the form of serious diseases in future.  


For the complete development of a dog, they need different types of vitamins, and to ensure the physical and mental growth and development of the dog, he must get all the vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin K should be obtained in balanced quantity.


The main function of carbohydrates is to provide energy to the body and along with it, it helps in maintaining the heat and strength of the body. So carbohydrates must be present in the food given to the dog, which increases the energy level of the dog.

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