How To Train German Shepherd Puppy?

How To Train German Shepherd | How To Train German Shepherd Puppy

How to train German Shepherd Puppy? Of course, the German Shepherd is a very intelligent and impressive breed that is very much liked in India and it comes in the category of best dog breed in India. If you are also thinking of getting a German Shepherd dog or you already have this dog with you.

Do you need to know how to train German Shepherd Puppy? Because an untrained German Shepherd breed can upset and embarrass you at some point.

There are two ways to train a German Shepherd, the first way is to get your dog trained by a good and experienced trainer. And another way is that you can train the German Shepherd Dog at home by giving some time.

Now when it comes to training at home, then the question must be coming to your mind: how to train German Shepherd Puppy at home without any knowledge or experience? So you will also get the answer to this in this article of ours.

See, there are different ways to train a German Shepherd, with the help of which you will be able to train your German Shepherd dog easily. In this article, we are going to tell you about some of these easy but very effective German Shepherd training commands.

How to train German Shepherd Puppy? Before knowing this, you need to know what is the right age to train a German Shepherd. 8 weeks old German Shepherd is eligible for dog training because German Shepherds of this age can be trained quickly and easily.


You do not have to train your dog from the very first day, first, you create a little training environment, spend some time with him, this will be the advantage that he will listen to you quickly and will also follow it.

Take him for a walk outside the house so that he can socialize well and he is not afraid to see other people because German Shepherds are a guard dog breed so they can be a little aggressive at the sight of strangers and may even bite.

While roaming outside, I must keep this in mind that walk with you, do not run ahead of you and do not swing and hold on your hand and on, then you scold him in a little loud voice and also get angry, by this he will understand that to do so  It is not right and there is a stop for doing so.

Right Way To Eat

Friends, in the days of starting, when you give German Shepherd anything to eat, then they have a habit that they jump on you or even in such a situation, they drop this food and you know it unknowingly. Can also cause injury. To improve this habit of theirs, you have to adopt this method.

Whenever you give them something to eat and if it jumps or jumps, then you have to immediately back your hands and scold it and refuse.

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Teach To Get Up, Sit Down, And Shake Hands.

German Shepherds are playful and playful nature dogs, due to which they keep jumping and jumping in such a situation, in such a situation you have to either tie them or give a command to sit quietly in one place, and if they do not listen to you. So what will you do then?

So for this, we will tell you some surefire german shepherd puppies training tips, with the help of which whenever you ask your German Shepherd to sit or get up or shake hands, he will listen to you.

As told in the first stage of socialization, how you have to tell it to sit and get up and keep giving commands. From which he started to understand the meaning of sitting and getting up.

So now you have to do that, first you take it to an open place where it has to rotate for a while, then give it the command to sit and get up and shake hands in between. In the initial days, it may not listen to you, but you do not have to stop, you have to keep giving commands to it.

You have to do this work every day by giving a little bit of time because if you try to teach it on the same day, then it will get upset and will not be able to learn, then you must keep this thing in mind, you have to teach a little bit every day. In a few days, he will start listening to you.

It has started accepting your point, but you have to keep this habit of it always. For that you have to do that whenever you give any command to it and it obeys you, then you give it praise, love, caress under its neck and apart from this give it a treat to eat.

And if it does not listen to you, then you should ignore it and show a little anger, by this, it will sit in its mind that it has to obey your words and behave well.

How To Train German Shepherd Puppy To Stop Biting?

Whenever you play with your dog or when the dog is happy or in a fun mood, it bites your hands and feet with its mouth, which we call play biting, which is usually done by most of the dogs. How to improve this habit?

Whenever it does play biting, you have to hold the control with the strap tied around its neck and give it the command of no, so that it understands then you have to put your hand on its head as soon as it bites your hand.  You have to withdraw your hand and scold and get angry and keep giving the refusal command. You have to keep doing this every day until you stop biting.

It may take some time to learn this, but it will be learned gradually, you have to get used to it, only then it will stop playing biting. One important thing is whenever you give tanning play biting, tie it with the help of a leash, chain, or lace and keep it close by keeping it close, otherwise, it starts running here and there.

How To Control A German Shepherd?

Friends, there must be a problem with many of you that as soon as you open your German Shepherd Dog, he becomes very excited and starts running and jumping around and does not come under your control.

Why Do Dogs Do This?

Dogs do this to grab your attention and get your attention.

So the question in your mind will be how to control it. So let’s know.

The first thing that you have to keep in mind is whenever you open it and it starts running, you do not have to run after it because it wants you to chase it, try to catch it, you do not have to do this.

You have to stand or sit in one place and call it and if you don’t come when called you can also lure it with treat as soon as it comes near you you have to command it to sit.  And as we have told you earlier, you have to scold it.

And it has to be tied again for some time. And after some time you have to open it again, if again it tries to jump and run away then you have to scold it and get angry. And then if it obeys you and starts taking your command then you can give it a treat to eat.

By repeating this process, again and again, an outline is prepared in their mind that they do not have to do this and have to obey you. You will just need to get regular training, it will accept your point very easily.

German Shepherd Potty Training Tips

Potty training is very important to teach every German Shepherd breed because if they are not potty trained they can definitely make your home dirty and smelly which you would not want at all. So let’s know how to train a German Shepherd to potty?

Before knowing about training, there are some important things related to German Shepherd C, which you need to know, then only you will be able to do potty training of your German Shepherd dog properly, and only then this potty training will prove to be effective for you.

First of all, you have to take care of your dog’s diet plan and how many times do you give food to your dog, if your dog is less than six months old, you should give him three meals a day, early in the morning, in the afternoon and the evening before sleeping.

And if your dog is more than six months old, then you have to give it two times, early in the morning and before sleeping in the evening because usually, most dogs do potty after eating.

Because your dog is not yet trained for potty, then you have to keep it tied in the night and open it early in the morning and take it to the place where you want to putty it and rotate it there for a while, you have to repeat the same process in the evening.

It may be that it does not putty on the first-second day but you have to take it daily in the morning and evening and after a few days it will start to putty outside easily, it just takes a few days to make this habit of them. Will always go out for potty and urination.

And as soon as you do the putty, after half an hour you have to feed it and then leave it open again for some time. Otherwise, it can be putty again.

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Teach To Walk With The Leash

Whenever you take your dog out for a walk, he gets very excited and starts running around and smelling things. We call this problem leash pulling, which is a problem with most dog owners. In such a situation, he can even make you fall, so let’s know how to fix this problem.

  1. Whenever you take the dog out for a walk, you have to keep the dog on your left-hand side and keep the leash tight so that it cannot move around and be safe from the vehicles coming on the road.
  2. If the dog tries to pull the leash or tries to move around, then immediately give him the command to stop and sit and he has to be scolded, he has to be angry, he has to be strict and always keep in mind that the dog has to be with you. I want to run.
  3. Whenever the dog is taken out for a walk, you have to always give it the command to walk straight while walking, like go straight, go slow, because, in the initial days when you take it out, it will give you can disturb. After a few days of training, it will start walking with you in the right way and will listen to you.

How To Train German Shepherd Puppy To Bring Paper?

Many of you have this requirement or desire to teach your German Shepherd dog to bring paper, then you can easily train your dog to bring paper with the help of this simple method.

  1. First of all, you have to take interest in the paper of the dog, play with the paper with it to make the interest, gradually the interest in the paper of the dog will come. It may be that many times while playing, this paper may even tear, then you have to scold it and refuse.
  2. Now you have to teach it to bring the paper. For that, you have to throw the paper at the same place where you first put the paper and give the command to the dog to bring the paper. I may not listen to you for the first second time, but you have to throw the paper again and again and keep giving the command to bring the dog.
  3. And as soon as it brings you the paper, you have to give it praise and also give a treat to the food. You have to repeat this step continuously for a few days.
  4. This is the last step of this training in which you have to keep the paper instead of keeping the paper without showing it to the dog and then command it to bring the paper. In the days of starting, I may not listen to you completely, but it will be learned by doing regular practice.
  5. One thing you should keep in mind, in particular, is that you have to train your German Shepherd dog regularly, otherwise it will not be fully trained.

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