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In today’s society, our pressure grows as the industry recovers and competition for the best talents increases. By this way the JavaScript-Developer-I exam is playing an increasingly important role to assess candidates. Considered many of our customers are too busy to study, the JavaScript-Developer-I real study dumps designed by our company were according to the real exam content, which would help you cope with the JavaScript-Developer-I Exam with great ease. The masses have sharp eyes, with so many rave reviews and hot sale our customers can clearly see that how excellent our JavaScript-Developer-I exam questions are. After carefully calculating about the costs and benefits, our JavaScript-Developer-I prep guide would be the reliable choice for you, for an ascending life.

Introduction to Salesforce JavaScript Developer I Exam

The credential Salesforce Accredited JavaScript Developer I is meant for applicants who build JavaScript applications for the web stack on the front-end and/or back-end.This validates both key JavaScript expertise and functional skills for applicants, for example, Lightning Components Platform, and Lightning Web Component technology relevant to JavaScript. Lightning web elements are personalised HTML elements that are designed with traditional HTML and modern JavaScript.

The Salesforce JavaScript Developer I certification requires two parts: the multiple-choice test given by the JavaScript Developer I and the Superbadge Lightning Web Components. In any order, all these credentials can be accessed. A Salesforce Certified Javascript Developer I certification is immediately obtained by adding these two certificates. The qualification applicant for Salesforce JavaScript Accredited Developer I will use the JavaScript language to build front-end or back-end software in one or more frameworks. The applicant will plan, build and evaluate effective , safe and reusable solutions.

The candidate can use JavaScript-specific programming style patterns and can use CSS , HTML, and other languages for integrating JavaScript. With Lightning Web Components, any JavaScript developer can build on Salesforce easily. This means that millions of JavaScript developers around the world will code on Salesforce without learning anything new. Developers can create and deploy brand-new fast apps on Salesforce using the current Lightning Platform development services portfolio and the modern JavaScript language. Salesforce JavaScript Developer I Certificate from Salesforce is designed to help Salesforce partners, customers and employees working on JavaScript as well as the Lightning Component Platform, know-how and knowledge and creation of Lightning web components (LWC’s).

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We believe that the greatest value of JavaScript-Developer-I training guide lies in whether it can help candidates pass the examination, other problems are secondary. And at this point, our JavaScript-Developer-I study materials do very well. We can proudly tell you that the passing rate of our JavaScript-Developer-I Exam Questions is close to 100 %. That is to say, almost all the students who choose our products can finally pass the exam. What are you waiting for? Just rush to buy our JavaScript-Developer-I learning braindumps!

Difficulty in Writing of Salesforce JavaScript-Developer-I Exam

As Javascript development observed in nearly all organizations, Salesforce JavaScript-Developer-I is the most successful qualification candidates can get on their resume. Professionals have therefore been known to demonstrate concern. But this JavaScript-Developer-I can be very easy to clear if practitioners study with JavaScript-Developer-I exam dumps and then take the JavaScript-Developer-I practice exams. However, with accurate focusing and proper planning content, candidates will clear the test. With the aid of these materials, aspirants get reasonable idea about the kind of questions they pose in actual certification, the certification questions provides the most-represented JavaScript-Developer-I practice exams. The Salesforce experts check Lead2PassExam JavaScript-Developer-I exam dumps. Certification questions also include a test for practise and is an ideal forum for checking the information achieved.

Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I Exam Sample Questions (Q145-Q150):

A developer wrote the following code:
01 let X = object.value;
03 try {
04 handleObjectValue(X);
05 } catch (error) {
06 handleError(error);
07 }
The developer has a getNextValue function to execute after handleObjectValue(), but
does not want to execute getNextValue() if an error occurs.
How can the developer change the code to ensure this behavior?

  • A. 03 try{
    04 handleObjectValue(x);
    05 } catch(error){
    06 handleError(error);
    07 } then {
    08 getNextValue();
    09 }
  • B. 03 try{
    04 handleObjectValue(x);
    05 } catch(error){
    06 handleError(error);
    07 }
    08 getNextValue();
  • C. 03 try {
    04 handleObjectValue(x)
    05 ……………………
  • D. 03 try{
    04 handleObjectValue(x);
    05 } catch(error){
    06 handleError(error);
    07 } finally {
    08 getNextValue();
    10 }

Answer: C

Refer to the HTML below:

Which JavaScript statement results in changing ” The Lion.”?

  • A. document.querySelector(‘$main li.Tony’).innerHTML = ‘” The Lion ‘;
  • B. document.querySelectorAll(‘$main $TONY’).innerHTML = ‘” The Lion
  • C. document.querySelector(‘$main li:nth-child(2)’),innerHTML = ” The Lion. ‘;
  • D. document.querySelector(‘$main li:second-child’).innerHTML = ” The Lion ‘;

Answer: B

Universal Containers recently launched its new landing page to host a crowd-funding campaign. The page uses an external library to display some third-party ads. Once the page is fully loaded, it creates more than 50 new HTML items placed randomly inside the DOM, like the one in the code below:

All the elements includes the same ad-library-item class, They are hidden by default, and they are randomly displayed while the user navigates through the page.

  • A. Use the browser console to execute a script that prevents the load event to be fired.
  • B. Use the DOM inspector to prevent the load event to be fired.
  • C. Use the browser to execute a script that removes all the element containing the class ad-library-item.
  • D. Use the DOM inspector to remove all the elements containing the class ad-library-item.

Answer: C

A developer wants to create an object from a function in the browser using the code
Function Monster() { = ‘hello’ };
Const z = Monster();
What happens due to lack of the new keyword on line 02?

  • A. The z variable is assigned the correct object but remains undefined.
  • B. The z variable is assigned the correct object.
  • C. Window.m is assigned the correct object.
  • D. is assigned to ‘hello’ and the variable z remains undefined.

Answer: D

Refer to the code below:

Why does the function bar have access to variable =?

  • A. Outer function’s scope
  • B. Hoisting
  • C. Inner function’s scope
  • D. Prototype chain

Answer: C


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