How To Do Pregnant Dog Care?

Pregnant Dog Care | How To Take Care Of Your Pregnant Dog

How To Do Pregnant Dog Care? The time of a dog’s pregnancy is a new chapter in their life and a new experience for a dog owner. During the dog pregnancy period, a pregnant dog must be taken care of carefully and properly.

The first pregnancy of a dog can be a challenge for you without any experience and knowledge, for which you must know the dog’s delivery period and all the correct information related to it.

And during the pregnancy period of the dog, How To Take Care Of Your Pregnant Dog of its food and other important things and what are the precautions that you have to keep during pregnancy, about which we will tell you through the medium of this article.

Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

After a successful breeding with a male dog, how do you know if your female dog is pregnant? So for this, you have to understand the physical and behavioral changes happening in the dog, with the help of which you will be able to make sure whether the dog is pregnant or not.

  1. In the early days of pregnancy, the dog’s physical curiosity, playfulness, and activities like running, running, playing are reduced. And their body becomes very lethargic and they start living peacefully.
  2. What happens in the first week of pregnancy? During the first week of pregnancy, the dog eats less food than the normal days.

And drink more water. In dogs, you see these symptoms for ten days and after ten days gradually the amount of their food increases.

  1. During the pregnancy period, there is a discharge of white thick mucus-like substance from the vagina of the female dog and there is an increase in the size and color of the spots, which are signs of their pregnancy.
  2. In the pregnancy stage, the weight of the female dog increases rapidly and apart from this, there is a gradual bulge in the stomach, although you see this bulge after a few days.

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Dog Pregnancy Period

How long is the pregnancy period of a dog? Or how many months is the dog delivery period? Just as we humans have a gestation period of nine months. Similarly, dogs have a pregnancy period of 63 days i.e. nine weeks.

Also how long does it take for the delivery of the dog? Although there is no fixed time for this, it depends on the number and size of the puppies. It takes about 20-30 minutes for a puppy to be born.

According to Veterinary Doctors. The more the number of puppies, the fewer problems in delivery. Whereas if the puppies are small then sometimes complications can increase.

How To Take Care Of Your Pregnant Dog?

A pregnant dog requires proper special care during pregnancy, so being a good dog owner it becomes your responsibility to take care of your pregnant dog in particular.

For proper care, you must know how to take care of a pregnant dog, so let us know that there are some things that you have to take care of keeping in mind.


To ensure a healthy body and better health of a pregnant dog and her future puppy, you must give them a nutritious and balanced diet. Many people give homemade food to their dog, although you can also give homemade food to your dog, it is also a nutritious diet.

But a pregnant dog needs nutrients in large quantities and their stomach is filled with homemade food, but the essential nutrients are not fully met.

According to the advice of veterinarians, during pregnancy, it is better to give mother starter dog food or puppy food, especially given during the pregnancy period, in which all the nutrients are present in balanced quantities which a pregnant dog needs.

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Meal Quantity And Rules

To ensure the better development of the dog and its children, you must provide food to your pregnant dog according to the rules in the right proportion.

As the time of pregnancy is 63 days, then you do not have to make any changes in the food of your dog in the first 20 days of pregnancy. Meaning that whatever food you were giving to your dog before pregnancy, you have to give food for the first twenty days after pregnancy.

After twenty days, the food you were giving to your dog will have to be changed, instead, you have to give a good quality puppy starter food or mother food according to the size of your dog. Along with this, you can also have it with boiled eggs and boiled chicken.

Give The Quantity Of Food According To The Quantity 

Mentioned in the package of dog food. And you have to give this food twice a day from twenty to forty days of pregnancy.

After forty days of pregnancy, that is, after six weeks, the puppies have developed a lot. And there is also a change in size and at this time the dog needs more nutrition, so you need to give them more food.

You do not have to give them more quantity of food in one go but in small amounts 4-5 times in a day.


Before successfully breeding a dog, it is very important to ensure that your dog has had all the vital ticks on time as the virus can also enter the puppies after birth through milk.

If your pregnant dog has not been fully vaccinated, then after 30 days of pregnancy, your dog must be vaccinated and one important thing is to always get the vaccination done during pregnancy only by the vet because many vaccines are not appropriate to give during the pregnancy stage.


Exercise is a very important part of taking care of a pregnant dog. Through regular exercise, you help to keep them healthy, fit and agile because a pregnant dog needs more strength, stamina, and stamina at the time of the birth of puppies.

In exercise, you just have to move them daily for a short distance. And to keep away from doing any physical activity, more exercise and physical activities can be tiring and stressful for them and while exercising, they can unknowingly harm themselves and the children growing in the womb by being kept away from other outdoor dogs.


During pregnancy, puppies are at risk of worming from their mother, for which it is very important to get deworming done.

Many people have this question or doubt in their mind that how to de-warming the dog in pregnancy? According to veterinarians, it is advisable to do deworming of your pregnant dog two weeks before the birth of the puppies.

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Precautions Related To Pregnant Dog Care

Pregnant dog care during the pregnancy period, at this stage even a small mistake can prove to be harmful for the dog and its future puppies. So let’s know what are the precautions that you need to take during the pregnancy period.

  1. In the desire for healthy puppies, most people try to feed their different types of food in more quantities during the pregnancy period, which is wrong. Due to this, pregnant dogs are prone to food allergies.
  2. Non-veg food like egg, chicken, meat, any non-vegetarian food should not be given to them in excessive quantity because they are all high nutrient food which takes a lot of energy and time for the dog to digest. An overdose of non-veg can cause digestive problems in the dog.
  3. During the pregnancy of the dog, you do not have to do any physical activities like training, sports. You can do normal walking regularly and you have to reduce the walking after thirty days of pregnancy because, at the time of birth of puppies, they require more strength and energy.
  4. It is important to keep the pregnant dog in a clean, dry, warm, and clean place. By doing this, you can protect your pregnant dog and its unborn children from many life-threatening infections and diseases.
  5. Do not give any medicines like liver tonic, protein, and calcium tablets or capsules without consulting the vet. These can have the opposite effect on your dog and its children.

FAQ Related To Pregnant Dog Care

Q: In how many days do the symptoms of pregnancy appear?

The early signs of pregnancy in a female dog are visible from the first week of mating with a male dog.

Q: How do dogs get pregnant?

Dogs get pregnant after a successful mating with a

male dog during their heat cycle.

Q: In how many days do dogs give birth?

The gestation period of a female dog is nine weeks and she gives birth to babies in 60 to 65 days.

Q: When does a dog give birth?

A female dog gives birth to puppies after nine weeks of gestation.

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